Why competition can be good and bad for us

The feeling is in all of us; some may even say it is innate. We all have a competitive streak, but the level of competition we are comfortable with is what determines the outcome and our ability to deal with successes and failures in life.

Competition can be looked at from two different perspectives; competition with others and competition with self. For many people, the competitive feelings they have towards others makes them feel uncomfortable and sometimes even narcissistic. Yet there are just as many people who will tell you that a healthy dose of competition is something they look forward to each day.

Competition gets you to the next level and without it there would be little to no drive. So many things we do in life have a competitive component to them; our careers, sports, activities, and even the hobbies we do to relieve stress and anxiety.

Allowing ourselves to feel our competitive feelings is not only acceptable; it's actually healthy. Feeling competitive isn't always about the high pressures of advancing in your career, winning at sporting events, or getting ahead. These competitive feelings that are unavoidable and seem to surface at any given moment, are an indication of what we want in life. In order to better know ourselves, it is important that we acknowledge and even act on these feelings.


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