5 Halloween healthy party treats for kids and adults

Halloween is almost synonymous with sweets, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying a few sweet treats on this scary superstitious night.

Check out our 5 top healthy snack tips to help you balance those spooky sugar highs!

1. How about a portion of weird and wonderful layers in a glass? Smashed red berries, Greek yogurt, honey-roasted nuts, topped off with blood-red raspberry sauce.

2. Embrace the vibrant orange theme by using mandarin orange segments for quirky ice cubes.

3. Use cocktail sticks creatively - make insects with black grapes, stick bright orange cheesy teeth-shapes onto sandwiches, or create monster fingers by rolling the sticks in soft cheese and smoked salmon with a cherry tomato pierced on top.

4. Fruits can be just as colourful as sweets - think red strawberries, green grapes and kiwi, orange cantaloupe melon chunks, purple plums, white lychees - and yellow quinces to bring a zesty tart edge to all those sweets.

5. Try doughnut holes for some trick-or-treat bite-sized fun. The sugary outside coating gives you a hint of sweetness and you can serve them with a hot treacle sauce and apple wedges.


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