Eating for yoga - Adam Husler

An instructor's advice: Adam Husler - Yoga teacher 

What is your best early morning wake-me-up?

As soon as you wake, get a cup of hot water and lemon on the go to kick-start your metabolic systems. The evening before leave a bowl of oats to soak in some non-dairy milk in the fridge. Then add berries, nuts or seeds to make it even tastier.

What type of breakfast do you have on the weekend?

The base is always rye bread with spinach thrown on. Then it’s topped off with a combo of either avocados/sundried tomatoes or mushrooms/scrambled eggs.

Are there any particular foods you have before a yoga lesson?

If I'm teaching I'll make sure I get a little bit of good sugar in me before class, normally in the form of berries and seeds and perhaps a little green tea boost too.

Do you suggest foods to your students?

Hydration is the most important, but ideally I'd advise students to practise without having eaten recently. If you need a little fix, some dried fruit and nuts are a good pre-yoga snack, or maybe even an energy ball that you'll normally find at the front desk in a yoga studio.

What are your five foods to a calmer soul?

Banana-based smoothies, almond butter on anything, Greek yoghurt and organic honey, avocado on anything and good Italian red wine.

What five things do you always get on your daily shop?

Soya milk, spinach, lemons, peppers, bananas.

What food have you learnt to avoid since becoming a yoga teacher?

Greasy food. When I am teaching a busy schedule from early morning to late evening, I simply couldn't afford to feel as heavy, lethargic and dirty as this kind of food would make me feel.

If you have a family, what are the best ways to get the whole family eating healthily?

Don't go 'healthy' with everything suddenly. Gradually introduce alternative sides, breakfasts and treats. Find sweetness from things like dates, honey in smoothies or banana- and cacao-based desserts instead of ice cream. Baby steps.

What is your mantra on cooking healthily?

Keep it simple. If I felt I had to cook for 30 minutes every evening, to eat healthily, I'd probably just have a pizza instead. It can be as simple as boiling some couscous and throwing some tofu and veg in a wok for 5 minutes. You don't have to create meals worthy of a food blog!

What has yoga taught you about eating healthily?

For your body to fire on all cylinders as much as possible, diet is key.

As Adam said it’s all about baby steps

Cutting out bad sugars and fats can seem like a tricky task, but slowly adding in some healthy alternatives to your diet could help make the process much more bearable in the long run.
Switch your morning bowl of cereal for oats, almond milk and some high-antioxidant berries.

Oats are a great source of beta-glucan – a type of soluble fibre. What this does is slow down the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. This means having oats for breakfast is especially great for people with type 2 diabetes, as it reduces blood sugar and insulin spikes.

Another easy switch is to swap your cow’s milk, to an alternative milk choice. You could opt for rice milk. Although not the most popular cow’s milk alternative, it is lower in fat and provides more calcium than your average bottle of cow’s milk. However, you could also go with the Starbucks’ trend of having soy milk. Not only is this great for people with lactose intolerance but studies have also shown that it helps reduce your risk of heart disease.

Making small alternatives can make eating healthy a lot more easy and maintainable, and once your body feels healthy so will your mind.

Thank you Adam Husler for collaborating on this project, as well as the team at Yotopia Studio.


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