A - Z of foods: R is for radish

These tiny veggies may not look like they'll give you much more than a tasty crunch, but try this for size:

  • Radishes are low in energy, fat and sodium and high in fibre
  • They are a source of folate and vitamin C
  • 10 radishes count as one of your five a day.

Check out these 3 ways to enjoy radishes:

1. Simple salad: Keep them whole or slice finely for a colourful addition to any salad.

2. Curry them: yes, radishes add texture and colour to curries! Simply throw sliced radishes into your favourite curry and heat through.

3. Red dip: Their vibrant colour helps liven up any dish. Add finely sliced radishes to Greek yogurt, cracked black pepper, and chopped fresh coriander leaves and then scatter with pomegranate seeds.


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