Calcium-rich diet

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You are most likely aware of the importance calcium plays in maintaining and building teeth and bones, but it can also provide other health benefits. Behind the scenes, calcium is helping our muscles contract and also assisting with our normal blood clotting. All this makes calcium a very important mineral, one that we humans can't make ourselves, so that's where our food choices come in. Choosing something as simple and tasty as vanilla ice cream can contain as much as 176mg - so any excuse is good right?

So how much calcium does our body actually need? Our clinical team have looked closely into the recommended daily amount, depending on your circumstances, to make sure you are getting enough calcium in your diet. You need more calcium if you're breast feeding, have coeliac disease, are postmenopausal or have 'thinning of the bones' (osteoporosis).  Visit our health information to find out if you are reaching your recommended daily intake of calcium.

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