Eating For Yoga - Anita Jasser

What is your best early morning wake-me-up?

Hot water and lemon. Lemon is an alkaline in the body and helps to reduce cortisol which is released when we experience stress. So, this is a really great way to start the day.

What type of breakfast do you have on the weekend?

I love avocado on sourdough bread with chilli flakes. The fat from the avocado feels great and the chilli just adds a nice kick.

Are there any particular foods you have before a yoga lesson?

I tend to eat little and often so whatever my body is craving within reason, I’ll have a small amount of.

Do you suggest foods to your students?

It depends on the student. If you have low blood pressure – like I do and you are practising in a hot room, then I’d suggest something small which has sugar to help you through. I personally don’t like to eat much before class because it can make breath retention tricky and it can be harder to feel what is happening in the body during class. My advice would be to listen to your body.

What food have you learnt to avoid since becoming a yoga teacher?

For me, it’s not really about avoidance, more understanding about why you crave certain foods. Our body is more intelligent than our minds, so when we start to listen to our gut, then we can understand what we need to stay healthy. For example, you might crave chocolate, but it might be that you are craving comfort, or sugar, or the small amount of caffeine. It’s about why you crave what you do.

What has yoga taught you about eating healthily?

It has taught be to honour my body and nourish it well.

Thank you Anita Jasser for collaborating on this project, as well as the team at Yotopia Studio.


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