Making healthy changes healthy habits

Five tricks of the trade to make your health changes become your healthy habits.

1. Don't eat when you are distracted

It has been found in some studies that a distraction, such as TV-watching, leads to mindless eating. This is because when we concentrate on something other than the food we are putting in our mouths, our brain doesn't keep count of how much has been consumed. This often means that you end up eating a lot more than you actually need. So whenever you are eating, try to make sure that is all you are doing. Think about the taste, texture and smells. You may find you enjoy it more too!

2. Keep the foods you are trying to avoid out of sight

The saying out of sight out of mind is very appropriate with this particular tip. If you were to keep a bag of sweets at your desk within easy reach, you would find it would be empty within minutes. However, if they were tucked at the back of your desk draw, you would be likely to discover that the same bag of sweets is still there weeks later.

3. Keep a healthy snack handy at all times

This is often when we all fall off the wagon. Hunger pangs kick in and suddenly all of the foods that you had managed to avoid become taunting gremlins tempting you from every angle. If you can keep a small bag of nuts or some chopped up carrots in your bag, you will be able to glide through your day keeping hunger pangs at bay.

4. Keep hydrated

Not only should you have a snack at hand, but also a bottle of water. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger so making sure that you are fully hydrated through the day will help you to make sure you are only eating when actually hungry.

5. Plan ahead

There is nothing worse than getting home late from work and finding there is nothing in the cupboards. The first thought that comes to mind is 'takeaway'. Instead, making sure you have a stock of basic things, such as eggs and frozen roast vegetables, means that you are able to quickly whip together a vegetable omelette faster than if you were to order that tempting takeaway.

Rose Constantine Smith is an AfN registered Nutritionist based in Suffolk, UK. Follow Rose on twitter: @Rose_Nutrition


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