How to navigate early pregnancy

Nothing beats the thrill of seeing a positive pregnancy test when you're ready to be a mother, but one of the happiest times in your life can also make you anxious.

Depending on how early you've discovered the news, it could have nearly three months away before you reach the 'safe' period and receive the screening results from your first scan. And you may prefer to wait longer before confirming your pregnancy. Here are 5 tips to help you take the first trimester in your stride.

Keeping mum

Some women cannot wait to confide in close friends and families, while others wish just to share this special time with their partner. There are always those that feel clever firing probing questions in the hope of finding out someone is pregnant before they are comfortable announcing it.

If you are subject to this, a simple reply of, "If I was, I wouldn't reveal it early for medical reasons," tends to give a clear message to people to mind their own.

Secret sickness

Morning sickness and vomiting is certainly not limited to nausea when you wake. It can strike during the night or be mild and constant, while some escape it completely. Only a minority of women suffer severe levels of vomiting requiring treatment. Plenty of rest is key during this period and light snacking can also help sickness at bay. Nausea can worsen at the end of a tiring day. Don't be afraid to seek help if you are struggling. All mothers-to-be can find coping strategies at


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