US election results, Brexit, Syria: How to handle your child's news-related worries

We live in a world where the world's news streams into our lives. Today the unexpected results of the 2016 US Presidential Election has created more seemingly endless, often extreme, news headlines and images. Tomorrow will bring different news stories - and consequently potentially more anxiety for our children.

At the end of October the UK helpline ChildLine reported a worrying spike in the number of children calling to seek help and support with anxiety. Research suggests that the cause for this sharp rise in school-age children is due to worry not only about personal problems such as peer pressure, bullying or family issues but more recently world events and disturbing images they may have witnessed on social media and in news reports, notably the US elections, Brexit and trouble across the Middle East.

The statistics indicate that children as young as just eight-years-old are accessing the service, with girls seven times more likely to make contact than boys.

The worrying growth in anxiety provoked by recent political events has seen the NSPCC set up a web page specifically aimed at dealing with youngster's concerns called 'Worries about the world'. The site has received nearly 5,000 hits since going live in September.

What's the best way you can help your anxious child? 


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