Weaning tips: How to help your baby eat well

Once weaning is underway you want to be mindful of continuing you and your baby's healthy attitude to food and ensuring snacks are kept as nutritious as possible when you're on the go. Talk to friends for ideas or try signing up to the many weaning courses nationwide to pick up time-saving tips.

Recently Cancer Research UK called for more restrictions on children's junk food being advertised on television before the watershed. With children so vulnerable to these images, it's all the more important to develop healthy habits early on.

Tasty treats

You aren't denying a one-year-old if they don't gorge on chocolate at special occasions. While still in the early stages of discovering food, treats don't have the same meaning as they do for older children. There really isn't much point giving a small baby biscuits and cake, when they can have fun with a colourful array of fruit spread over the highchair tray. Fromage frais tends to be an incredibly exciting pudding if you're new to food!


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