Anissa Helou, famous for her Mediterranean cookbooks, tests supermarket baklava and flatbreads


340g, £1.63,

Very dark. Presumably it's been ground up with the husks. But it's the correct texture, nice and smooth and tastes pretty good. Slight burnt seed aftertaste.
3 stars

300g, £1.79, Waitrose

A good colour, but not quite smooth enough. A cross between tahini and peanut butter.
2 stars

Equal Exchange
270g, £2.37,

This one looks like crunchy peanut butter but in fact tastes like halva minus the sugar.
2 stars

Meridian, Organic Light
270g, £2.99,

Very grainy and crunchy. The oil and lumpy bits haven't blended at all. At least it's the right colour.
no stars


400g, £1.65

Not terribly flat but very tasty. A cross between focaccia and pide, a Turkish flatbread. Too crusty, but the flavour works.
4 stars

Somerfield, Red Onion and Garlic
360g, £2.39

This has a nice, crusty edge. And it's made with a good breadcrumb. Light and tasty.
3 stars

Tesco, Cheese and Tomato
215g, £1.19

A peculiar, doughy, thick, undercooked pizza-base-style bread. But the flavour on top is nice. It should be a bit crispier.
2 stars

Sainsbury's, Garlic and Parsley 200g,

This one looks like pitta. It's bland and chewy. Not inedible, but not great.
1 star

Shish kebabs

Marks & Spencer
340g, £2.99

Shish kebabs should be flat and thick but this one's thick and long. It's full of gristle, too. But it's got a lovely lamby, minty tang. Pretty good.
4 stars

340g, £2.99

This tastes of mint and meat. But they've been padded out with breadcrumbs, which makes them taste a bit dry and wheaty.
3 stars

320g, £2.99

A sad looking shish kebab. It's bland and there's not enough meat. It's too sweet and not minty enough.
2 stars

210g, £1.49

This looks very odd. It tastes like a cheap chipolata. And perhaps it's the chilli and harissa, but it's turned an odd shade of terracotta on cooking.
1 star

Lamb kofta

480g, £2

Great texture, lovely flavour and not too overpowering. This would work with a nice tzatziki dip. Very good indeed.
4 stars

Waitrose, Delicatezze
180g, £3.29

Far too sweet for kofta, but they're OK. I like the pine nuts even if they aren't terribly authentic.
3 stars

345g, £2.99

What an unpleasant texture. It's stuffed full of breadcrumbs. There's too much going on in here. Not very good.
1 star

160g, £2.59

Far too much chilli and spice. It doesn't taste or feel like meat and it's very dry.
1 star


£5.75 for 500g box,

Crispy all over. The hot sugar on top is a bit odd and should be integrated, not just on the surface, but they are light, crunchy and not too sticky.
4 stars

Authentic Sweets
£15 for 25 piece box,

The hair pastry is good but they've been glued together by the syrup. Lovely, whole pistachio nuts, which are a treat.
3 stars

Tesco, Finest
£3.19 for 330g box

The pastry has been baked well and they're not gloopy at all. But they've been a bit tight with the nuts. I can barely taste them.
3 stars

£2.69 for 250g box, Waitrose

A nice mix of baklava. But I'm not sure at all about the coconut one, it's an odd, inauthentic addition, and the others are very dry.
2 stars

Turkish delight

Morrisons, Milk Chocolate Covered
200g, 99p

After Eights made of Turkish delight? A fun and novel idea that works! These taste fresh and rosy.
4 stars

325g, £2.15, Waitrose

Real Turkish delight should be chewy and these aren't very chewy. The flavour is great but without whole, crunchy pistachio nuts, they cloy in your mouth.
3 stars

325g, £1.99

These bring the soap analogy to mind. Pretty bad, I'm afraid.
2 stars

Marks & Spencer
350g, £2.59

These taste very sweet and fake. I don't like the rose taste at all. They stick to your teeth.
1 star

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