Can a slice of lemon in your gin and tonic count as a fruit portion?

Barbara Wilson

I’m sure by now you all know that you should be aiming to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Not only are they low in fat and calories, but fruit and veg are important sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals, including phytonutrients and antioxidants. But just what is a portion of fruit or vegetables?

I’m afraid that a slice of lemon in your gin and tonic does not constitute a portion of fruit! Neither does a slice of carrot cake, a banana muffin or an apple Danish. And that little bit of parsley on top of your steak doesn’t quite cut the mustard, either!

A portion of fruit and vegetables could be any of the following:

2 tablespoons fresh, frozen or canned vegetables, a piece of fresh fruit, a small salad, a large slice of melon, 2 tablespoons of stewed or canned fruit, a small glass (100ml) of fruit juice, a cup of berries or fruit salad or 1 dessertspoon of dried fruit.

Try to include at least 5 portions from this list every day for better nutrition and better health.

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