Cloudy apple and mint juice recipe | Henry Dimbleby

A super-fresh, sharp palate cleanser. If you have a garden, chances are there's some mint running riot in it; this is an easy way to put it to work. It's a great winter drink, when stored apples are the only decent fruit as we wait for the southern European citrus. If you don't have a juicer, apple juice will do – a cloudier, less-sweet juice works best. You can substitute lemon if you can't get hold of lime, but the citrus is essential to lift the flavours.

Serves 2

2 glasses of cold, cloudy, not‑too‑sweet apple juice (preferably freshly juiced)
1 lime
2 mint leaves

Squeeze the lime into the juice. Chop the mint leaves finely and mix them in too. Zing!

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