Does eating grapefruit boost weight loss?

Barbara Wilson

Unfortunately, no food can magically wipe out calories or make our bodies burn fat more quickly. Eating a grapefruit before every meal will not wipe out the calories you are about to consume and pills containing grapefruit extract will not help your body metabolise fat. I’m sorry but there are no magic enzymes in grapefruit that will help us all shed those pounds overnight!

It is known, however, that grapefruit contain a substance called 6,7-dihydroxybergamottin that not only give them their sour flavour but can also interact with some prescription drugs, either to inhibit or facilitate their action.

These drugs include calcium-channel blockers used in the treatment of high blood pressure and angina, some tranquilizers and anti-histamines and certain anti-fungal drugs. Interactions differ with the different varieties of grapefruit but if you are using any of these medications, your doctor will have brought this to your attention.

Grapefruit are packed with nutritional goodies – one glass of juice, even from a carton, will provide you with almost 140% of your daily requirements of vitamin C. So go on, grab a grapefruit!

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