Horror movie munchies

Kellie Collins

You’ve read the book, you’ve seen the trailers and now, finally, that film that everyone’s been talking about for months has arrived in the cinema and you can’t wait to see it!

We all love going to the movies – the pre-film excitement, the larger than life characters on the big screen, the action, the tear-jerkers, the laughs…and best of all, the goodies…mmm.

But hang on a minute – ever noticed that the sweeties at the cinema come in giant ‘Attack of the Killer Maltesers’ sized bags? And the popcorn comes in Titanic sized tubs? And the smallest sized drink would make a hefty contribution to any swimming pool?

Yes indeed, those cinema buffs have us sussed, and get even more money out of us by super-sizing all the goodies. Well maybe you should think again next time you reach for a family-size bag of Minstrels, a medium tub of buttered popcorn and oh, go on then, a mini tub of Haagen Dazs Cookie Dough ice-cream, because these blockbuster size treats are a surefire way of turning your diet into a box office flop.

And the nominees are…

Starting with that winning combo featured above, the Minstrels, popcorn and ice-cream add up to a whopping…(drum roll please)…1755 calories and 79g of fat (25 Totals).

Eek! The 225g bag of Minstrels alone works out at a horrifying 994 calories and 45g of fat (15 Totals), so even if you share them with your cinema buddy you’re still packing in about a quarter of your daily calorie and fat intake - if you are NOT trying to lose weight!

The average mini-tub of Haagen Dazs works out at 310 calories and 20g of fat (6 Totals). And the popcorn, well don’t even go there! You might have heard that popcorn is good for you and that all the supermodels eat it.

But at the cinema, popcorn is popped in oil and smothered in butter which adds about 200 calories and 20 grams of fat (4 Totals) per serving compared with air-popped popcorn.

And now for a real tear-jerker that’s bound to have you reaching for the tissues – M & M’s. Those loveable characters from the TV aren’t as innocent as they look, with a cinema sized, 250g bag of the peanut variety setting you back by 1250 calories and 65g of fat (19 Units). Who would have thought?

So how can you live to see the sequel AND treat yourself without causing more damage than T. Rex in Jurassic Park? Well, the trick is to be prepared. Smuggle in a small bag of Fruit Pastilles, Jelly Tots or Skittles which all have about 160 calories per pack and no fat (2 Totals).

Or bring along some air-popped popcorn and treat yourself to a diet drink (or better still, a bottle of water!) to wash it down.

Remember, you won’t have to stay Home Alone next time a blockbuster hits the big screen. As long as you stay away from the Jaws-sized goodies, your movie adventure won’t be Mission: Impossible!

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