How to cook steak


1 rump or sirloin steak fillet

Salt and pepper


- Depending on your preference of how you like your steak, the cooking time will change

Steak preference

Internal temperature

Cooking time (on each side)

Rare – 75% red centre

30 – 50°C

2 ½ minutes

Medium Rare – 50% red centre


3-4 minutes

Medium – 25% red centre


4 minutes

Medium well – cooked through, a tint of pink


5 minutes

Well done – 100% brown, no red

77°C +

6 minutes

- Heat up a frying pan or skillet, and place on a high heat

- Season the meat with salt and pepper. Then place olive oil into the pan

- Place the steak into the pan and cook to your desired preference. For example, if you wanted a medium rare steak, you would cook the steak for 3-4 minutes each side

- Take the meat off the heat once cooked to your liking, then let rest before serving. The rarer the meat is the longer the resting time. For a rare steak the resting time is 5 minutes and for well-done it is 1 minute


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