Low calorie chocolate snacks

Just a little bit won’t hurt, I’ll give it up tomorrow, life isn’t worth living without it, I had a bad day…when a chocolate craving kicks in, every other thought in your head is kicked out. Every magazine you read refers to a magic cure for chocolate cravings, but often the articles about chocolate snacks are over-clichéd and over-simplified.

Chocolate cravings are powerful and sometimes you just lose the willpower to resist. I'm not trying to play down the negative impact eating too much chocolate can have on weight, but every once in a while it’s good to know there are some low calorie chocolate snacks available which won’t cause you to burst into flames or gain a spontaneous 10 lbs.

Having chatted with some nameless chocolate addicts I've compiled a list of choccie treats you can have when simply nothing else will do.

This list does comes with a warning…everything should be eaten in moderation and none of these treats have with a “zero calorie” label. For anyone who can happily live without a chocolate fix, SWITCH OFF NOW!

Lowest calorie chocolate snacks

Chocolate rice cakes (56 calories)

One rice cake contains 56 calories and 3g of sugar. Considering an average chocolate digestive weighs in with 85 calories and over 5g of sugar, replacing your dunking digestive with a slimline chocolate rice cake is a clever swap.

Options hot chocolate (40 calories)

A regular mug of hot chocolate typically contains around 100 calories, while Options hot chocolate makes a tasty and calorie saving alternative of 60 calories.

Dark chocolate melted over berries (140 calories)

Resisting a slab of chocolate cake after dinner isn’t easy. A much healthier and lower calorie option is strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate. Ten strawberries dipped in 4 squares of melted chocolate is a dessert lover’s dream at just 140 calories.

Chocolate raisins (105 calories)

What better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than by combining sweet tasting raisins with deliciously smooth chocolate. One ounce or 25g of chocolate raisins contains 105 calories.

Milky way bar (98 calories)

Chocolate bars are every dieter’s enemy! They look innocent and relatively small…yet one bar seems to automatically add inches to the hips. Well there are a few out yummy ones which are relatively low in calories. A mini milky way bar has 98 calories, about a third less than a typical chocolate bar.

Light chocolate milk (100 calories)

A glass of low fat chocolate milk contains around 100 calories, not bad when you compare it to a McDonald’s chocolate milkshake which has 383 calories.

Skinny cow chocolate ice lolly (94 calories)

Summer has arrived hurrah, and the ice cream vans are in full throttle around the neighbourhoods. Save yourself a few hundred calories and opt for a skinny cow ice lolly instead of a magnum. The calorie difference is 150 calories.

Kelloggs Special K milk chocolate chewy delight (95 calories)

Maybe not the ideal choice for a healthy, nutritious breakfast, but it’s a calorie light weight at just 95 calories.

Chocolate raspberry yoplait delight (100 calories)

At just 100 calories per carton you can indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt. Chocolate yoghurts contain more sugar than natural yoghurt, so do save them for treat days!

Yoo Moo frozen yoghurt devilmoo (151 calories per 150ml pot)

The temptation to gobble a carton of Ben & Jerry’s is nearing its peak. This frozen chocolate yoghurt tastes every bit as luxurious as chocolate ice cream, but has half the calories.

Alpro chocolate soya dessert (110 calories per pot)

A great chocolate snack for those who are dairy intolerant and trying to watch their calorie intake. An added benefit of this velvety dessert the low saturated fat content.

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