Make healthy eating easy: 7 great tips

The secret to weight loss, according to the average doctor, is to eat less and exercise more. Simple, huh?

For most of us, it isn’t that simple at all. The “eat less and exercise more” philosophy is too broad and wide (pardon the pun) to have individual application. We need more specifics - stuff we can do to make it work.

Eating in moderation could be accused of being another attempt to generalise weight loss, however a few simple tips sets this pearl apart from the rest and helps you become your own “moderator”.

Easy tips for healthy eating

Share a meal

Have you ever noticed the average restaurant portion could probably serve a family of four? Rather than feeling uncomfortably stuffed or deciding to drag home the leftovers, split a meal with a friend and do your wallet and your weight a favour.

The one bite rule

While sharing a meal is a great idea, sharing a dessert might be your undoing. How about just taking one bite instead and then asking the waiter to take it away? (No doggie bags!) You get the taste without the waist.

Know thyself

Moderation may be good for some things, but dangerous in others. In other words, you may be able to split a meal, but need to say no even to a forkful of dessert because eating sugar will lead you to a full throttle binge. Knowing your weaknesses - and being honest about them - will keep you on the straight and narrow.

Have a plan

If your office is having a holiday party, eat something before you go so you won’t be ravenous. Scope out the buffet and pick out one of your favourites. Having one of each snack you love will help you feel a part of the festivities without looking like Santa.

Serves you right

Serve your dinner on a smaller plate. Studies have shown that we interpret food amounts in relation to the size of the plate. Who knew? Along the same thinking: skipping the family style serving at the table as well. Plate the food in the kitchen and bring it to the table.

Just say no

"No thank you" is probably more polite than just a plain NO. Practice this most important phrase when offered seconds or huge portions when having a meal at someone else’s house. Smile as you say it and remember the reward will show up on the scale!

Get picky

Choose to eat moderately only the foods you really love. Remember that you’re worth more than a stale piece of chocolate cake any day of the week!

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