Rock on with these healthy eating tips!

Catherine Matthews

The season of rock ‘n’ roll is well and truly upon us. Lash on the sunscreen, beg your Dad for his wellies and of course don’t forget to pack the sarnies. What better way to enjoy your favourite bands than soaking up the rays with thousands of fun loving music enthusiasts!

You can anticipate the great time ahead, and are brimming with excitement but one aspect of the weekend fills you with dread. It isn’t the lack of sanitation or even the potential for your tent to blow away in the middle of the night, the prospect of surviving on chips, beer and the occasional hotdog ties your stomach in knots.

Well don’t stock up on the detox kits just yet; there are some simple ways you can maintain a healthy diet during the festival without resorting to employing a personal caterer.

Dancing to the Killers is bound to burn up lots of energy and obviously crowd surfing during the Arctic Monkeys set is not for the weak and fragile amongst us. With all this exertion you will need plenty of convenient energy foods on hand.

Read on for quick and easy food suggestions!

• Bring along handy snack sized packets of nuts, seeds and trail mix. They are slow release energy foods and packed with nutrients that can boost health and mood.

• Dried fruit mini packs are widely available; they are small enough to fit in your pocket and will make a tasty alternative to those slush puppies that look suspiciously luminescent.

• Remove the temptation to consume entire packets of biscuits or crackers by taking individually wrapped versions with you. Make sure they are lower in fat!

• Popcorn or pretzels are healthy alternatives to crisps and greasy fries. Did you know that popcorn has 1 gram of fat per average packet while crisps contain an alarming 8 grams per pack!

• If you cannot survive the weekend without meat, jerky is a great snack to bring with you. It's high in protein and stays fresh without refrigeration. Try the turkey or beef flavours. Do watch portion sizes; divide the jerky into individual bags!

• Pack cartons of fruit juice and plenty of water. Coke and other fizzy drinks are laden with sugar and can actually make you more prone to dehydration. Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water per day. It is really important to keep swigging from your water bottle particularly in the hotter weather!

• If you have a cooler box lying around at home, pack it with perishable ingredients like fruit, vegetables and cheese. Houmous and peanut butter are good spreads to take along for your crackers and they can also be carried in the cooler.

• Remember the sambos! Take a loaf of bread with you and don’t forget the plastic knife. You can spread with peanut butter or mini pots of jam.

• Finally you can make yourself the most popular person on the campsite by investing in a disposable barbeque. Veggie kebabs, baked potatoes or roasted sweetcorn are easy to cook and mouth wateringly delicious.

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