The best vegetarian recipes on YouTube

It can be so hard to find inspiration for meals that you want to cook, especially vegetarian meals. But with these YouTubers you can find hundreds of incredible healthy recipes to water your appetite and find your food heaven.

Vegetarian ramen – quick and delicious

Just One cookbook , is an amazing Japanese cooking channel created by Namiko Chen. She makes traditional Japanese dishes that range from Dorayaki to green tea lattes. Every video is beautifully shot, but also easy to follow. What isn’t to love?!

So if you are wanting to get more into Japanese cooking, but want a vegetarian option, try her simple and tasty vegetarian Ramen.

The best breakfast burrito – vegan style

This recipe and channel are great for vegetarians and vegans, with Candice the host of The Edgy Veg, creating the best comfort foods that anyone would love to tuck into.

Her videos are tons of fun and have lots of variety. Her breakfast burrito deserves to be tried and tested by everyone; it’s just what you need when you’re forced to roll out of bed in the morning

Vegan mushroom burgers – no guilt recipe

Mary, from Mary’s Test Kitchen, makes videos all based on vegan cooking and magically makes the guilty pleasure foods no longer guilty. She explains all of her recipes simply, making them easy to follow at home. One of her best recipes is a lentil and mushroom vegan burger - super easy and super healthy. This recipe is also fully customisable, so you can make your burger exactly how you would like. Perfect!

Hortopita spinach pie – Greek cuisine

If you want a food channel that takes you around the world, look no further than the Famous Cuisines Channel. If you’re wanting a vegetarian pie for dinner, try out this healthy spinach pie from Northern Greece - a grandmother’s recipe. Just looking at it will make your mouth water.

Thai noodle bowl – gluten-free

Once again, The Edgy Veg is on our list, and this time for a dinner time meal. Lovely Candice cooks up a gluten-free vegan Thai noodle bowl, and in just under 15 mins. It’s a nutritious healthy recipe that you can easily make after work, and even have the leftovers for lunch the next day.


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