Top Low-Carb snacks

When you hear the word "snack", it is natural to think about crisps, chocolate, sweets and popcorn. But if you've jumped on the low carb bandwagon, these traditional munchies are off the menu. So what's a low-carb dieter to do?

Enjoy a snack attack.

How about a snack attack with some delicious low carb alternatives? No point crying over spilled carbohydrates, when you can dig into these terrific choices instead.

Egg ‘em on.

Long thought of as being "full of fat" by dieters, eggs are back on the menu when you follow a Low-Carb plan. Keep a stock of hard-boiled eggs in your fridge for a handy snack, mash with spring onion and low-fat mayonnaise or top with chilli powder for a quick bite.

It’s not easy being green.

Maybe not for Kermit, but nothing could be easier than making a classic guacamole. All you need are ripe avocados, some chopped red onion, coriander, garlic, a touch of salt and a squeeze of lime juice all mashed together. High in fibre and low in carbs, enjoy this dip with low carb-friendly green veggies or low carb bread.

Go nuts.

Nuts are both high in protein and fibre, making them a great low carb snack. A serving of 30g of almonds, coconut or hazelnuts provides around 2 grams of carbs while the same serving of brazil nuts or macadamia nuts have around half this with only 1g carbs. But remember to opt for the non-salted or low salt variety instead of the overly salted kind.

Say cheese.

Pick-and-mix cheese portions are perfect on-the-go snacks. The high protein content helps to quell a hungry tummy. The full-fat variety of cream cheese smeared generously on a piece of celery will also do the trick.

Viva Italia.

Look to the deli counter for more great snacks. Olives, pine nuts, mozzarella balls, goats cheese, parma ham or even small servings of marinated peppers and artichoke hearts are suitable low carb snacks with a Mediterranean feel.

Roll baby, roll.

A little turkey or other leftover meat rolled in a Romaine lettuce leaf will totally satisfy, and takes just a minute to throw together. You can bulk it up by adding a blob of cream cheese too if you like.

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