Yoghurt: Your secret weapon for weight loss

Embarking on a healthy eating plan is a perfect way to rejuvenate your body both inside and out. In today’s newsletter I am going to share an exciting tip that will actually help slim your waistline.

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Yoghurt versus obesity

A daily dose of yoghurt is good for people of all ages. Yoghurt is also important for those wanting to lose weight. As a milk product, yoghurt is naturally rich in calcium. Research shows that calcium helps reduce weight gain. Even small changes in the calcium levels of fat cells can change signals within the cell that control the making and burning of fat.

The authors of a 2003 University of Tennessee study placed 34 obese people on a low-calorie diet. Sixteen of them were given 400-500mg of calcium in the form of a daily supplement. The other 18 people ate a yoghurt-rich diet higher in calcium (about 1,100mg per day).

After 12 weeks, both groups lost fat. The supplement-taking group had six pounds less fat, but the yoghurt group lost about 10 pounds of fat. And those who ate yoghurt discovered that their waists shrank by more than an inch and a half. In comparison, the supplement-taking subjects lost only about a quarter of an inch in waist size. Finally, a whopping 60% of the yoghurt eaters' weight loss was belly fat, while only 26% of the supplement group's loss was belly fat.

This is very exciting news as belly fat (which doctors call visceral or intra-abdominal fat) is linked to high cholesterol, high insulin, high triglycerides, high blood pressure and other problems. Visceral fat may also secrete more disease-linked inflammatory molecules than other types of fat.

The study also reported that in addition to helping the participants lose more weight, the group that ate yoghurt was about twice as effective at maintaining lean muscle mass. As the study director, Michael Zemel, PhD, stated in a news release, "This is a critical issue when dieting. You want to lose fat, not muscle. Muscle helps burn calories, but it is often compromised during weight loss."

I couldn’t agree more.

Always buy organic yoghurt and avoid yoghurt that contains thickeners and stabilisers. Also avoid yoghurt that contains added sugars or sweetened fruit, as these upset the delicate chemical balance that allow the cultures to thrive. Sugars also feed the growth on unwanted yeasts, so you’re better off without it.

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