Grief Conversations: how our group began and what we do

Grief Conversations is a group of people meeting together once a month in our house in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, with tea and cakes to talk about grief.

Inspired by the excellent 'Pushing Up Daisies' festival in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, and, by incidental conversations, we decided to invite those conversations into our home to be shared with each other and with anyone who would like to join us.

Anyone who has experienced a deep loss knows that sometimes, even when they are wanting to be supportive, friends and colleagues can get bored after a while and are not able to listen for as long as we would like to be able to speak. And sometimes it is really hard to find the words to express our jumble of confused feelings. Sometimes our grief was hidden so long ago that we can't even approach it, or know how to start.

This new group wants to help make a start, to provide a space where we can begin to find the words, to speak, to listen to each other, and keep listening, to perhaps share some of that pain.

It's a drop-in group, so attendance every time is not necessary, and coming once is fine. We ask only that everyone respect other people's feelings about the things they have shared.

Speaking, telling a story, reading a poem, sharing a photo or a memento, simply listening to other people - it's all welcome. The group will be whatever the people on any particular evening want it to be. It will last no more than two hours.

And there will be tea and cake!

For more information look on our website

Email if you'd like a chat.


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