PatientPlus by letter:U

Ulcer Surgery and its ComplicationsUlcerative Colitis
Ulnar Nerve DisordersUlnar Neuritis
Ultrasound Scanning - Non-obstetricUnderperforming Doctors
Undescended and Maldescended TestesUpper Gastrointestinal Bleeding (includes Rockall Score)
Urethral CaruncleUrethral Syndrome
Urethritis in MenUrinary Bilirubin
Urinary FrequencyUrinary Incontinence
Urinary Retention - AcuteUrinary Retention - Chronic
Urinary Tract Infection - RecurrentUrinary Tract Infection in Adults
Urinary Tract Infection in ChildrenUrinary Tract Obstruction
Urinary Tract Stones (Urolithiasis)Urine Dipstick Analysis
Urine Ketones - Meanings and False PositivesUrodynamic Studies
UrolithiasisUrological History and Examination
UrticariaUse of Oxygen Therapy in COPD
Usher's SyndromeUterine Cancer
Uterine Cervix and Common Cervical AbnormalitiesUterine Inversion
Uterine LeiomyomaUterine Rupture
UTI - RecurrentUveitis