Support Groups by letter:A

AA - Alcoholics AnonymousA-A - Arrhythmia Alliance
AAA - Action Against AllergyAADD-UK
AAGBI - Association of Anaesthetists of GB and IrelandAAT - Aplastic Anaemia Trust
ABA - Anti-Bullying AllianceABAPSTAS
ABC - Anorexia & Bulimia CareAberlour - Scotland's Children's Charity
Ability Housing AssociationAbilityNet
Able2WearABM - Association of Breast Feeding Mothers
ACAS - Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration ServiceACAT - Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy
Access TravelAccessible Property Register - The
Accessible Travel & LeisureACE - Anticoagulation Europe (UK)
Ace CentreACE Education
ACeBabesACET - AIDS Care Education and Training
ACH Care HomesAchondroplasia UK
ACLT - African Caribbean Leukaemia TrustAcorns Children's Hospice Trust
Acoustic Neuroma and Meningioma NetworkACROSS
ACTACT - Aid for Children with Tracheostomies
ACT - Ann Craft TrustAction Against Allergy
Action against Medical AccidentsAction Duchenne
Action for Blind PeopleAction for Children
Action for KidsAction for M.E.
Action for Pulmonary FibrosisAction for Sick Children
Action for Sick Children ScotlandAction for Stammering Children
Action Medical ResearchAction MS Northern Ireland
Action of Pesticide ExposureAction on Addiction
Action on DepressionAction on Elder Abuse
Action on Gilbert's SyndromeAction on Hearing Loss
Action on PainAction on Pre-eclampsia
Action on Smoking and HealthAction on Smoking and Health in Wales
Action Postpartum PsychosisADA Scotland - Audio Description Association
AddactionAddiction NI
Addiction Recovery FoundationAddison's Disease Self Help Group
AdfamADI - Alzheimer's Disease International
ADMPUK - Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UKAdolescent and Children's Trust - The
Adoption Register - England and WalesAdoption Register - Northern Ireland
Adoption UKADP - Association of Disabled Professionals
ADS - Addiction Dependency SolutionsADSHG - Addison's Disease Self Help Group
ADT - Arts Dyslexia TrustAdult Attention Deficit Disorder - UK
Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information LinkAEA - Action on Elder Abuse
AF AssociationAfasic
AFCS - Asian Family Counselling ServicesAfrican Caribbean Leukaemia Trust
AFTAID - Aid for the Aged in DistressAfter Adoption
Age UKAGSD-UK - Association for Glycogen Storage Disease (UK)
AHP - Association for Humanistic PsychologyAHU - Aviation Health Unit
aHUSUKAICA - Association of Independent Care Advisers
Aid for Children with TracheostomiesAidis Trust
AIDS Care Education and TrainingAISSG - Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group
AKTA - Alice Kilvert Tampon AlertAKU (Alkaptonuria) Society
Al-Anon Family Groups UK and EireAlateen
Albinism FellowshipAlcohol Concern
Alcohol Focus ScotlandAlcoholics Anonymous
ALD LIFEAlice Kilvert Tampon Alert
Alkaptonuria SocietyAll Wales Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Helpline
All Wales Sexual Health NetworkAllanda Ltd
Allergy UKAlliance
Alopecia Help and Advice (Scotland)Alopecia UK
Alpha-1 UK Support GroupAlström Syndrome UK
Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood UK Support
Alzheimer ScotlandAlzheimer's Disease International
Alzheimer's Research UKAlzheimer's Society
AMD Alliance InternationalAMEND - Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders
AMMF (Alan Morement Memorial Fund)AMNET - Acoustic Neuroma and Meningioma Network
Anabledd Cymru - Disability WalesAnaphylaxis Campaign
Anchor TrustAndrogen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group
Angelman Syndrome Support Education and Research TrustAniridia Network UK
Ann Conroy TrustAnn Craft Trust
Anorchidism Support GroupAntenatal Results and Choices
Anthony NolanAntibiotic Awareness Campaign - NHS Choices
Antibiotic GuardianAnti-Bullying Alliance
Anti-Bullying NetworkAnticoagulation Europe (UK)
ANUK-Aniridia Network UKAnxiety Alliance
Anxiety Care UKAnxiety UK
AOR - Association of ReflexologistsAPDA - Asian People's Disability Alliance
APEC - Action on Pre-eclampsiaAphasia Alliance
Aphasia NowAplastic Anaemia Trust
APNI - Association for Post-Natal IllnessAPP - Action Postpartum Psychosis
APR - Accessible Property RegisterAPRIL - Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link
APT Charitable TrustArbours Association
ARC - Antenatal Results and ChoicesARC - Association for Real Change
Archway Foundation - TheARCOS - Association for Rehabilitation of Communication and Oral Skills
ARF - Addiction Recovery FoundationArk House Treatment Centre
ARM - Association of Radical MidwivesARMA - Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance
Arrhythmia AllianceArthritis Action
Arthritis and Musculoskeletal AllianceArthritis Care
Arthritis Research CampaignArthritis Research UK
Arthrogryposis GroupArts Dyslexia Trust
Arts for HealthAS Support Group Online - ASSGO
ASBAHAsbestos Support West Midlands
Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum UKASG - Anorchidism Support Group
ASGD - Association for Glycogen Storage Disease - Pompe pagesASH - Action on Smoking and Health
ASH ScotlandASH Wales
Ashley Jolly Sudden Adult Death TrustAsian Family Counselling Services
Asian People's Disability AllianceASLTIP - Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice
Asperger's Syndrome
Aspergillus Website - TheAspire
ASSERT - Angelman Syndrome Support Education and Research TrustASSGO - AS Support Group Online
Assisi Community CareASSIST Trauma Care
Assistance in DisabilityAssociation for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK
Association for Glycogen Storage Disease (UK)Association for Glycogen Storage Disease UK - Pompe Pages
Association for Humanistic PsychologyAssociation for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders
Association for Post-Natal IllnessAssociation for Real Change
Association for Rehabilitation of Communication and Oral SkillsAssociation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
Association of Anaesthetists of GB & Ireland - TheAssociation of Blind and Partially Sighted Teachers and Students
Association of Blind Piano TunersAssociation of Breast Feeding Mothers
Association of Cognitive Analytic TherapyAssociation of Disabled Professionals
Association of Independent Care AdvisersAssociation of Radical Midwives
Association of ReflexologistsAssociation of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice
Association of Teachers of Lipreading to AdultsAssociation of Wheelchair Children
Association of Young People with MEAsthma UK
Astro Brain Tumour FundAT (Ataxia Telangiectasia) Society
Ataxia UKATLA - Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults
Atrial Fibrillation AssociationAttend
Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support ServiceAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Northern Ireland
Atypical Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome UKAudio Description Association (Scotland)
Autism AngliaAutism Centre - The
Autism Independent UKAutism London
Autism NetworksAutism Society (The)
AVERT - Averting AIDS and HIVAviation for Paraplegics and Tetraplegics Charitable Trust
Aviation Health UnitAVM Support
AvMA - Action against Medical AccidentsAVSGF-UK - The Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum UK
AwareAYME - Association of Young People with ME