Aroma Home Click & Heat Earmuffs - Fox

Aroma Home Click & Heat Earmuffs - Fox; is a fully adjustable, adorable animal character Cozy Ear Muffs, with its own distinctive feature that will have your ears warm in no time. To heat, simply hold one in each hand and hold the metal chip inside gel insert between your thumb and forefinger and bend gently until it clicks. The solution will crystallize and release heat. Massaging the pack will help maximise the heat. The ear muffs will stay warm for about 45 minutes. You can reactivate the gel pack when cold and hard by placing in a pan of boiling water and simmering for approximately 10 - 15 minutes or until the crystals disappear. Allow the water to cool before removing. Once it has cooled it's ready to use again. Instructions for use can be found on the packaging and gel packs. Aroma Home Click & Heat Earmuffs - Fox; makes the ideal gift for friends, family and loved ones.

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