Cleanmarine Omega-3 Krill Oil for Men 60 Capsules

Cleanmarine Omega-3 Krill Oil for Men; is specially formulated for heart health and it supports testosterone levels. It is a simple, practical way to look after your health and feel and function better. Cleanmarine Omega-3 Krill Oil for Men; is a better source of omega 3 than fish oil, the conventional choice. More fatty acids get absorbed - faster - for better heart, brain and, eye health. It also contains co-enzyme 10 which plays a vital role in the transfer of energy at cellular level. The heart needs constant fuel and nonstop communication with a healthy central nervous system; thiamine helps in both these crucial tasks. Meanwhile zinc aids growth & healing, and aids with testosterone levels and fertility. Vitamin B6 works to naturally balance sex hormones and energy levels, while vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin, brings a whole bag of life sustaining tricks. Why use Cleanmarine Omega-3 Krill Oil for Men?; - Formulated specifically for men using vitamins suited best to mens health; - Healthy heart formulation; - Supports testosterone levels; - 350mg Krill Oil per capsule; - Small soft gel capsules; - No shrimp repeat.

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