GojiMax Pure High Strength Goji Berry

GojiMax Pure High Strength Goji Berry - GojiMax is a powerful & highly absorbent antioxidant containing 100% natural active ingredients equivalent to 5000mg of Goji Berry. The extraction process ensures GojiMax is made from pure Goji Berry, with no fillers, making it one of the most powerful and potent Goji supplements on the market to date. Health benefits of Goji Berries Boosts Immunity Aids weight loss Improves male fertility levels Fight the effects of ageing Helps promote eye health Power-packed ingredients GojiMax is high in polysaccharides, triglycerides, beta sitosterol and cerebrosides which are responsible for goji's potential health benefits. The Polysaccharides found within the Goji Berry provide the antioxidant vitamins C and E, as well as the minerals - potassium, calcium, selenium, iron and zinc. Goji Berries also contain Zeaxanthin, which might help to protect your eyes.

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