Healthaid Bee Propolis 1000mg Standardised

HealthAid Bee Propolis supports your general well-being and all-around health. Once swallowed, the supplement's antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals from the blood stream. Propolis can also be used as a natural pain reliever as well as helping to lower cholesterol. Protect good bacteria Unlike chemical antibiotics that destroy all bacteria in the body, Propolis works against the harmful bacteria without destroying the good bacteria that the body needs. This also helps the body to not build up a tolerance to propolis. Benefits of Healthaid Bee Propolis May help alleviate dental and mouth ulcers May help herpes and cold sores May serve as a powerful antioxidant May help against symptoms of allergies May help to regenerate cells and tissues May work as a natural antibiotic May assist in combating viral & fungal infections May help improve the immune system May help with Respiratory & sinus problems May assist in preventing common colds Is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties May help Dermatitis & skin conditions

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