HealthAid CoQ-10 120mg Capsules 30 Caps

Coenzyme Q10; , also called ubiquinone is found in the mitochondria of all living helps convert food into cellular energy. In certain people it is difficult for the body to manufacture adequate amounts of CoQ-10 or extract it from food, so they constantly feel weak, tired and run down. Due to its unique properties, CoQ-10 is also a great antioxidant, beneficial for the heart and immune system. HealthAid CoQ10 120mg; is suspended in rice bran oil, which is rich in Vitamin E; to optimise absorption and utilisation by the body cells and help release natural energy from within. - Helps convert food into cellular energy. - Rice bran oil is rich in Vitamin E providing a great antioxidant properties beneficial for the heart and immune system. - Helps maintain a healthy heart.

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