HealthAid Koregin 3000 (Korean Ginseng 3000mg) - Blister Pack 30 capsules

Korean Ginseng; is said to offer many health benefits. It contains adapt gens that have been known to aid the body in regulating itself under stress. Korean Ginseng is believed to help lower cholesterol, balance the metabolism, increase energy levels and stimulate the immune system. Korean Ginseng has been known to alleviate fatigue and diminish stress on the body. It also helps to increase oxygenation to the cells and tissues by promoting detoxification and stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells. Some people allege that it has positive effects on a mans sexual health and function. HealthAid Koregin®3000 capsules uses a high quality extract of ginseng root to provide a guaranteed 8% of ginsenosides, which are said to contain special property to boost protein activities in the brain. They also help to control blood circulation in the brain, enhancing memory and mental ability. This makes HealthAid Koregin®3000 capsules one of the best value Korean ginsengs available on the market. Korean Ginseng is the popular choice amongst other kinds of ginseng because it helps maintain mental focus, enhances psychological health and provides an energy boost and promotes the feeling of overall well-being. Koregin®3000 capsules functions best when taken on an empty stomach. - High Potency Korean Ginseng extract; - Helps maintain sexual health; - Helps sustain strength, vigour and vitality.

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