Nicotinell 2mg Fruit Sugar Free Chewing Gum

Nicotinell 2mg Fruit Sugar Free Chewing Gum contains 204 pieces to help you in your fight to quit smoking. Each piece of gum contains 2mg of Nicotine, which can help to control cravings and the physical symptoms of smoking withdrawal. The gum comes with a rich, fruit flavour that is pleasant to chew throughout the day. Coated just like any other chewing gum, this product is sugar free, so you can be sure your overall health is improved. Once you start chewing, nicotine enters into the bloodstream and releases dopamine, a chemical which aids feelings of pleasure; it is these feelings that would usually prompt you to smoke. You will probably find that for the first few days, your cravings will be very strong; however, you should start to see these decrease as the weeks go on. Remember, if you do find yourself smoking again, don't give up. Nicotinell is a nictotine replacement therapy aid and is not a substitute for cigarettes. Not everyone succeeds in giving up right away, the trick is to keep trying until you eventually get there and with Nicontinell Chewing Gum, you will get there.

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