Regener8 Night Cream 50ml

Regener8 Night Cream is an advanced night cream designed to boost the natural moisture of your skin whilst helping to remove unwanted dead skin cells. It contains Hydractin to optimise the water balance of the Epidermis, hydrating your skin and preventing it from drying out and causing premature ageing. Its natural ingredients of Sunflower oil, Almond, Camelina & Beeswax nourish deeply and give you a healthy looking glow. What is Hydractin and how can it benefit me? Hydractin optimises the water balance of the epidermis (the outermost layers of cells in the skin). It combines ATP, Algin and Papaya, ingredients that work together to hydrate and naturally energise the skin. The ATP stimulates cell metabolism, Algin creates a film of moisture over the skin and retains water whilst the papaya removes those unwanted dead skin cells activating skin regeneration. Dehydration of the skin can lead to premature ageing and can be caused by factors such as weather changes, poor nutrition and even not drinking enough water. Hydractin works by restoring moisture levels in the skin, giving it a healthy balance.

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