Sando-K Tab

SANDO-K Tab is one of a group of medicines known as potassium supplements. It can be used to increase your potassium intake for the following reasons:- If other medicines have caused the potassium concentration in your blood to decrease. If the concentration of potassium in your blood has decreased as a result of severe diarrhoea, vomiting or fistulas. If the concentration of potassium in your blood has decreased as the result of a metabolic disturbances in your body. If your normal potassium intake is low eg if you have malnutrition, alcoholism or a deficient diet or, If the concentration of potassium in your blood is low as a result of a low chloride concentration in your blood Before Taking Your Medicine Tell your doctor or pharmacist if any of the following apply: Do you suspect that you have had an allergic reaction to or been upset by any of the ingredients in SANDO-K effervescent tablets (listed in "What is in your medicine")? Do you have any kidney problems or have you had any disease which may have affected your kidneys? Has your doctor told you that you have got Addison's disease (a disease affecting your adrenal glands)? Has your doctor told you that you have got high levels of potassium in your blood? Have you recently suffered from any crush injuries? Do you suffer from myotonia congenita (a rare muscle disease) or a haemolytic anaemia e.g. sickle cell disease? Has your doctor told you that you are suffering from acute dehydration? Are you taking any other medicines (either bought or prescribed)? Are you pregnant, or planning to become pregnant? If you do become pregnant whilst taking SANDO-K effervescent tablets, tell your doctor. Are you breast feeding? Whilst you are taking SANDO-K effervescent tablets your doctor will probably do some blood tests to check the potassium concentration in your blood. He may also want to occasionally monitor your heart and possibly your blood pressure. If you are unsure about how much medicine to take, when to take it or how long you should take it for, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. Do not stop taking your medicine, unless your doctor tells you to, no matter how well you feel.

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