Steroplast Holiday First Aid Kit

Steroplast Holiday First Aid Kit is the essential collection of first aid supplies for a quick and easy response to any small minor accidents you may face whilst on holiday. It includes: 1 x Burnshield Blott: a sachet of liquid to pour directly onto a burn 1 x Bandage: used to hold dressings in place or as a support 2 x Eyewash/wounds pod: cleans cuts and grazes and can also be used to remove dirt/sand etc. from eyes 1 x Gloves (pair): protects you from infection and should always be worn when treating cuts, 4 x Insect repellent wipes: a wipe to repel insect bites and stings 1 x Low adherent dressing: for larger wounds. Held in place with tape 1 x Microporous tape (1 roll) holds low adherent dressing in place 10 x Washproof Plasters: for general cuts and grazes 1 x Triangular bandage (sling) supports an injured arm or shoulder 2 x Alcohol-free wipes: cleans and prepares the skin before applying dressing.

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