Ultradex Antibacterial Coated Tape

Ultradex Antibacterial Coated Tape has a unique coating of Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide, a breakthrough for advanced interdental cleaning. The waxed, shred-resistant fibre slides comfortably between teeth to effectively remove bacterial plaque biofilm and organic debris above and below the gingival margin. The unique, anti-bacterial coating helps to keep the teeth and gums healthy and the breath fresh. Features: Flossing each day helps to clean areas a toothbrush cannot always reach Helps to keep teeth and gums healthy: The anti-microbial agent has been shown to kill bacteria associated with gum problems, tooth decay and plaque. Bacteria cannot become resistant to it. Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide also helps interrupt the formation of dental plaque biofilm and inhibits regrowth and has been shown to eliminate odour-causing Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSC) responsible for bad breath and gently remove organic stains for whitening maintenance 25m tape waxed and coated with Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide

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