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Cornerstone is one of Scotland's largest charities and a leading provider of services for people with disabilities and other support needs. Cornerstone was founded by Nick Baxter in 1980 when he brought together a group of parents and professionals who were concerned about the lack and quality of services available to people with learning disabilities and their families.

Since then Cornerstone has grown to:
  • Support 1,249 people.
  • Operate 197 residential services and supported accommodation sites.
  • Employ over 1,300 staff
  • Have a turnover in excess of ú28 million
Cornerstone support people with a variety of needs, including:
  • People with learning disabilities.
  • People with physical disabilities.
  • People with autism and related disorders.
  • People with head injuries.
  • People with a terminal illness.
  • Older people.
  • People with dementia.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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