DES Action UK

PO Box 128
Blaydon LDO
NE40 3YQ


DES Action UK aims to support those women and men who have been exposed to diethylstilbestrol (DES) in utero. The diagnosis is often made following miscarriage where DES has caused fertility problems and such women can obtain relevant advice. DES can rarely cause clear cell carcinoma and a number of women so affected and treated with radical hysterectomies will offer support. DES Action UK will provide relevant advice on cervical and vaginal examinations, screening tests and breast screening.

Relevant publications:
  • To do no harm: DES and the dilemmas of modern medicine by Roberta J Apfel and Susan M Fisher (ISBN 0-300-03619-1).
  • Our Stolen Future by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski and John Peterson Myers (ISBN 0-349-10878-1).

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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