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DELTA (Deaf Education through Listening and Talking) is a national charity for teachers, professionals and parents of deaf children. DELTA knows that most deaf children can learn to listen and to talk and believes that every family should have that option for their deaf child. DELTA works to make that happen all over the country. DELTA's aims are that severely and profoundly deaf children can: develop natural and effective spoken language; participate easily in their family and community life; achieve their potential at school and work.

DELTA's activities include the following:
  • Providing information on the natural aural approach to the education of deaf children.
  • Organising meetings for families across the country who want to help their deaf children listen and talk.
  • Running summer schools for the whole family so that the parents can learn the skills and techniques they need, and be informed of current educational knowledge.
  • Setting up research and development projects to evaluate and improve the approach.
  • Publishing a regular e-newsletter - Chattering
DELTA provides a range of resources including fact sheets, information booklets, a DVD and material on understanding the natural aural approach.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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