KEY Community Supports

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77 Renfrew Street
G2 3BZ

Tel: 0141 342 1890

KEY provides a wide range of support services and accommodation for people with learning disabilities in a range of home and community settings. They are a social care organisation as well as a housing organisation.

Their vision is that people with learning disabilities should have the choice to build a life of their own with the active support of family and friends, on a foundation of good quality support and accommodation.

By providing the right support in good quality housing with active community links, they are striving to provide positive opportunities for:
  • Personal development that each person's potential for personal growth is recognised, respected and nurtured.
  • Inclusion that people can use the full range of community facilities.
  • Relationships that people can develop a range of warm, friendly and loving relationships.
  • Choices that people can express their individuality and also have meaningful control over their lives.
  • Participation that people can influence the nature of services they receive.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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