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Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre

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48 - 50 Springfield Road
West Sussex
RH12 2PD


The Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre (LANC) was established in 1993 by Dr G D Kewley, an Australian paediatrician. Dr Kewley and his consultant colleagues at the Centre have experience in their individual specialities and also in the assessment and management of children, adolescents and adults with neurodevelopmental and neurobiological disorders, behavioural, emotional and learning difficulties, especially ADHD and related conditions including associated disorders on the autistic spectrum.

In-service training, lecturers and seminar on ADHD and related conditions provided to a wide range of professionals in health, education and social care.

Patients can be seen on GP referral throughout the UK and overseas. Attendance can be on a private basis (including most health insurance) or under the NHS (if funding is pre-authorised)

The Centre is registered as an independent clinic with the Care Quality Commission and provides comprehensive multi-professional assessment, management and monitoring and support of patients and their families. There is close liaison with GPs, schools and other involved professionals. A copy of their patient guide is available on request. The service includes, as appropriate:
  • Paediatric / physician / psychiatric (adult & child) and/or clinical psychology assessment and report.
  • Psychological testing and advice with full report.
  • School liaison/teaching guidance.
  • Behavioural management and counselling therapies.
  • Referral/liaison with other related disciplines as appropriate.
  • Quantitative EEG and neuro feedback also available.
  • Educational psychology evaluation can be arranged.
The Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre assesses children, adolescents and adults with difficulties suggestive of:
  • ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder.
  • Conduct disorder and associated conditions.
  • Disorders on the autistic spectrum.
  • Tourette syndrome.
  • Developmental co-ordination difficulties.
  • Specific learning difficulties and dyslexia.
  • Behavioural/educational difficulties.
  • LANC assessments also available in Harley Street, London. All enquiries/communications for either clinic should be directed to the centre's Horsham address, where administration for both clinics is undertaken.

Last updated on 21/07/2012

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