ACAT - Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy

PO Box 6793

Tel: 0844 800 94 96


ACAT, a registered charity, is a national association of members for the development of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT), a collaborative programme for looking at the way a person thinks, feels and acts, and the events and relationships that underlie these experiences (often from childhood or earlier in life). It is a programme of therapy that is tailored to a person's individual needs and to his or her own manageable goals for change. It is a time-limited therapy - between 4 and 24 weeks, but typically 16. It is available in many parts of the NHS and there are also private CAT therapists across the UK and overseas.

ACAT's aims are to:

  • Educate health professionals and promote proper standards and good practice in cognitive analytic therapy.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of cognitive analytic therapy amongst health professionals, service providers and the public.

Last updated on 21/08/2013

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