AHP - Association for Humanistic Psychology

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BM Box 3582

Tel: 0845 707 8506

Web: www.ahpb.org

The purpose of the AHP is to “Benefit the public by furthering the education of the public in humanistic psychology, by promoting educational events and publications,  and to achieve this by publishing a bi-monthly magazine, “Self & Society”, and holding training courses on Humanistic Psychology.”

Their values the five basic postulates of Humanistic Psychology:

  • Human beings, as human, supersede the sum of their parts.  They cannot be reduced to components.
  • Human beings have their existence in a uniquely human context, as well as in a cosmic ecology.
  • Human beings are aware and aware of being aware – i.e., they are conscious.  Human consciousness always includes an awareness of oneself in the context of other people.
  • Human beings have some choice and, with that, responsibility.
  • Human beings are intentional, aim at goals, are aware that they cause future events, and seek meaning, value and creativity.

Last updated on 08/08/2014

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