ASG - Anorchidism Support Group

Tel: 01708 372597


The Anorchidism Support Group (ASG) is based in the UK and was founded in 1995 to address the need for information for adults, families of children, and young people affected by the absence of the testes whether congenital or acquired. The group is also willing to provide support and information for families wishing information on undescended testes, or any other related conditions to this or anorchia. Features of the group are as follows:

  • The Group provides a means of contacting other families and individuals for mutual support as well as providing education and information on the condition.
  • The Group has members not only in the UK but also in the USA, Italy, New Zealand and Australia plus other countries around the world.
  • Support can be given by letter, telephone or email. This support helps families and group members feel less isolated and confused.
  • The ASG newsletter keeps members informed of progress in treatment and research and provides an opportunity for members to express themselves, ask questions and receive answers.

Last updated on 05/03/2013

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