Association for Cushing's Treatment and Help

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54 Powney Road

Tel: 01628 670389

Association for Cushing's Treatment and Help (ACTH) is a support group for people suffering from all forms of Cushing's syndrome. The Association is patient-led and patient-run, sensitive to the needs of other Cushing's patients. It aims to help and support new and longer-standing sufferers from Cushing's syndrome, as a resource for easing their experience during diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, and helping them to recover the best possible quality of life. The Association provides written information for sufferers, in co-operation with medical advice. These include the following:

  • An information booklet for newly diagnosed patients.
  • Information for families of sufferers to help them manage the impact on family life.
  • An information booklet for patients after surgery.
  • Information fact sheets relating to other conditions after surgery.
  • Information that patients can discuss with their GPs.
  • A newsletter.

Last updated on 13/09/2016

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