NDTi - National Development Team for Inclusion

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First Floor
30 - 32 Westgate Buildings

Tel: 01225 789135

Web: www.ndti.org.uk

The National Development Team for inclusion (NDTi) is a not-for-profit organisation concerned with promoting inclusion and equality for people who risk exclusion and who need support to lead a full life. They have a particular interest in issues around age, disability, mental health and children and young people.

Much of their work is organised around the following priority themes:

  • Community Inclusion.
  • Person Centred Approaches.
  • Housing and Home.
  • Transition and Life Chances.
  • Employment and Paid Work.

Their main aims are to:

  • Shape and influence policy and public debate.
  • Enable a stronger voice of people to be heard.
  • Support services to work differently so that they promote inclusive lives.
  • Support communities to be welcoming and inclusive.

Last updated on 17/07/2014

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