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Organic Acidaemias UK is a small group formed in 1984 covering a variety of related, but rare, conditions. Organic acidaemias are a group of inherited disorders in which there is a defect in protein metabolism. Each organic acidaemia is a consequence of a different enzyme defect that results in difficulty in metabolising different groups of amino acids. The main conditions covered by Organic Acidaemias UK are as follows.

  • Methylmalonic acidaemia
  • Propionic acidaemia
  • Gluteric acidaemia
  • Argininosuccinic acidaemia
  • Hydroxymethylgluteric acidaemia
  • Ethyl-malonic-adipic aciduria

The group aims to provide support to parents who have children with one of these disorders by linking parents with others and by the publication of a regular newsletter and occasional pamphlets of topical interest. Membership is free to parents; others are asked to pay a small, once-only contribution towards costs.

Individuals may wish to become members, or may simply wish to be put into contact with other families in a similar situation. Any information sent to the group will remain confidential unless advised otherwise.

Last updated on 07/08/2015

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