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Penny Brohn Cancer Care

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Chapel Pill Lane
BS20 0HH

Tel: 01275 370 100


Penny Brohn Cancer Care is a UK charity specialising in complementary supportive care for people with cancer and their families. Their services are offered free of charge. All their services follow the 'Bristol Approach', which is a whole person approach.

Working alongside medical treatment, Penny Brohn Cancer Care aims to help people live as well as they can given the impact of the cancer diagnosis.

They offer help through:

  • Information and advice on healthy eating and gentle exercise.
  • Helping you relax and reduce stress in your life.
  • Physical support through massage and other body related therapies.
  • Emotional support through counselling, psychotherapy and group work.
  • Advice from their team of experts on how best to live well with the diagnosis.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care is there for anyone affected by cancer, along with their partners, family members, carers, or other supporters.

Last updated on 24/04/2015

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