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Norton Park
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Tel: 0131 475 2380


Penumbra is a Scottish voluntary organisation working in the field of mental health. They provide an extensive range of person-centred support services for adults and young people.

Since they opened their first supported accommodation project in 1985 they have based the development of their services on the rights of the people who use them to choice, dignity and participation in ordinary life. This philosophy has guided their growth over many years and they now provide a range of services located across Scotland.

They support mental health by:

  • Providing supported living/tenancy support services.
  • Providing residential respite care services.
  • Providing services for young people.
  • Developing innovative new services based on needs and identified gaps.
  • Contributing to wider debate on mental health.
  • Contributing to raising awareness of mental health and reducing stigma.

Last updated on 24/04/2015

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