Powerwatch was established in 1986 to help people learn more about electromagnetic fields and how these may affect health. The above website includes information on the following topics as well as details of other resources and links.

  • News and background.
  • Current concerns, recent research on EMFs.
  • Electrical appliances.
  • Electrical sensitivity.
  • Screening against microwaves, mobile phones and their masts.
  • Pylons, substations, etc.
  • FAQs.

Activities and services of Emfields include the following:

  • Specialist books and research material are available.
  • Power-frequency meters, for measuring electric and magnetic fields, and microwave monitors, to measure mobile phone mast emissions, are available for hire or sale.
  • Materials and advice about screening property against incoming microwaves.
  • New products for reducing EMFs in the home.
  • Free article library on EMF.
  • Range of low EMF lighting solutions.

Last updated on 05/12/2014

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